Our calculation of costs are derived from the use of Rawlinson’s Cost Guides as well as adopting the Consultants expertise in the building industry.

It goes without saying that rectification costs will naturally be higher than that of new building works and of course there are additional items to consider such as site topography and site access.

Further to this, consideration must be given to the extent of any demolition that is required, the handling of not only demolished goods, but also the handling and delivering of new materials, and finally will the building require scaffolding, council permits and disconnection of the essential service?

Do the occupants require relocating during the rectification process?
Are the materials required still available or will “as close as possible” matching be required?
Are there inspections required by Structural Engineers?
Does the termite management system require upgrading due to potential damage from rectification works?

All these issues are considered during the costing analysis undertaken by ABCC.The costs produced by ABCC are itemised where possible with all assumptions being noted within the cost report.After all, the most common question asked in building matters is


This cost allows the legal professionals, contractors and owners to assess the claim for what it is worth, rather than the emotional attachment parties may have to the claim.

Australian Building & Construction Consultants provides costs as part of our Expert Reports and Scott Schedules.

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