The Difference Between Our Work and that of a Private Certifier

Private certifiers are engaged by builders to sign off on project stages to ensure they meet local government and/or council regulations. A certifier does not, however, inspect the quality and finish of the work, nor do they advise if the work has or has not been carried out in a good tradesman-like manner.

Building a new customized home can be an exciting experience. Getting through the process however can sometimes be a long, and at times difficult ordeal. People building a new home often rely solely on their builder to guide them through the construction. Unfortunately the builder may not be the best person to advise them on their project.

For the most part, independent consultants are brought in to inspect the home either when it has been completed, or when defects become visible to the home owner.

By this time, the super-structure of the building, (ie: the concrete slab, timber flooring, wall framing and roof framing) has been covered with finishing materials such as floor coverings and plasterboard and/or cement render.

An independent consultant should ideally be engaged from the beginning of the project once contracts have been signed. This will allow the consultant to inspect all critical stages of the construction and have defective works rectified and incomplete works completed prior to the next progress payment being made to the builder.

This is not a 100% guarantee that defects will not become evident upon completion of the project; however it will, more than likely, dramatically reduce the incidence of defective works which become evident post-construction.

Progressive inspections enable the consultant to identify potentially problematic areas in the construction of the structure as it is being erected.

The consultant is also able to administer the contract and handle variations as they arise. The ability to handle payment disputes is another yet vitally important service the consultant can provide.Australian Building & Construction Consultants are able to handle any new construction and administer the contract in a fair and reasonable manner.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the completed structure is to the same specification and standard that the client has paid for within the agreed time frame.

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