Litigation Support
Australian Building & Construction Consultants (ABCC) are experienced in dispute resolution and believe that prompt resolution of disputes or misunderstandings relating to construction projects can lead to the best outcome for all parties involved.

We take pride in our history of assisting Clients involved in construction disputes in reaching fair and equitable resolutions to project problems prior to proceeding with costly and stressful litigation.

ABCC’s unbiased, pragmatic, and technically accurate approach to dispute resolution can be a valuable resource in achieving a satisfying resolution to a contentious situation.

Technical Support for Litigation
For Clients currently involved in, or considering becoming involved in litigation regarding building envelope issues in construction defect-related cases, our consultants can provide technical support and expert witness services in support of litigation.

ABCC’s litigation support efforts are based upon a thorough investigation of the source of complaint as well as analysis of cause, responsibility, remediation costs, and other factors.

Our technical consultants have acted as expert witness during mediation and court/tribunal hearings for numerous construction defect cases, for both defense and plaintiff cases, as well as neutral expert projects with settlements reaching into the millions of dollars.

Australian Building & Construction Consultants represent integrity, honesty, and fair-mindedness in our approach to litigation support and provide our Clients with recommendations and services based on accurate analysis of building envelope conditions and their causes.

We understand that you require a specialist team with litigation, forensic and industry expertise to provide the support you and your lawyers require.

Our experts provide a complete service, extending beyond the court room to less formal settings such as arbitration and mediation.

Our experience extends to:

Breach of contract documents
Construction disputes
Breach of warranty
Insurance claims

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