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Progress Inspections

We work with builders to perform inspections at critical stages of construction to ensure that all work is being done as per the contract you signed.
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Litigation Support

We review all contract documents, perform a full property evaluation, supply a written report with photos and provide independent expert testimony.
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Defect Reports

We review all construction drawings, certificates, contracts & warranties to ensure that the construction mirrors that what was drawn on the documentation.
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Rectification Costing

Rectification costs are an integral part of our expert reporting and are used to accurately assess the value of any claim where rectifications are required.
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Australian Building & Construction Consultants

for inspections, expert reports & witness, rectification costing & litigation support
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Australian Building & Construction Consultants are nationally recognized Construction Defects Experts.

We will enhance your ability to plan, manage and settle your case expediently and if a claim must go to court, you can expect factual reports that will stand up to close scrutiny supported by testimony that’s clear and compelling.

We are retained to perform independent defects consulting, investigations and management, and to determine any required repairs. [read more]

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New Home Construction
Contract Reviews
Construction Quality
Rectification Costings
Expert Witness Testimony
Dilapidation Schedules
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Progress Inspections
Whilst it is preferable to address building issues prior to lodging a claim, in some circumstances, matters which have been ongoing for a period of time without reaching a resolution often proceed to mediation, arbitration or litigation. We provide a variety of support options ranging from assistance with expert conclaves and mediations to assistance with litigation matters which are proceeding to a hearing.

Quick Facts

A building inspection is a snapshot in time, it isn’t a guarantee that defects won’t develop in the future so you should always ensure you refer to a current building inspection.

Building inspections are also carried out for the purpose of risk management, new construction management, dispute resolution, insurance claims, compliance with legislation and regulations and to assist with renovation and extension decisions.
A building inspection may be required if you discover that your home has developed a building defect over time or in response to an incident or accident. Inspections are generally ordered during the process of buying or selling a home or property and may be requested by any of the following:
Home buyers & sellers, commercial property owners & investors;
Property managers, body corporates and strata title managers;
Government, private agencies and businesses;
Building and construction contractors, solicitors ;
For court proceedings involving compensation claims.
Increasingly property buyers are aware of their responsibility to discover building defects before contracts are exchanged – this responsibility refers to the latin principle known as Caveat Emptor or “let the buyer beware”.

The full statement is “Caveat emptor, qui ignorare non debuit quod jus alienum emit” – translated as “Let a purchaser, who ought not be ignorant of the amount and nature of the interest which he is about to buy, exercise proper caution”.

Under common law, the purchaser must undertake their own investigations of a property since there is no legal obligation for the current owner to disclose anything relating to the quality of the property or the land it is built on.

As a result, home or property buyers who subsequently attempt to seek compensation for defects discovered after purchase will find themselves at a significant legal disadvantage. There is little recourse for compensation after purchasing a property with defects which are discovered later.

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