For complex cases, when you need professional construction consulting or an expert witness, with 32 years experience and a current builder’s licence we can help streamline the process of successfully resolving construction claims.

Settle your construction disputes with the benefit of our technical expertise – detailed analysis followed by a range of independent, expert reporting.
We will enhance your ability to plan, manage and settle your case expediently and if a claim must go to court, you can expect factual reports that will stand up to close scrutiny supported by testimony that’s clear and compelling.

Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, you can rely on Australian Building & Construction Consultants to create the supporting documents, visual evidence and an easy-to-follow presentation that can be the tipping point in your case.

Australian Building & Construction Consultants are nationally recognised Construction Defects Experts. We are retained to perform defects consulting, investigations and management, and to determine any required repairs and to allocate damages between the responsible parties.

Our clients include Body Corporate, Owners Corporations, Developers, Principle Contractors, Builders, Sub-contractors, Home Owners, Building Consultants and Pest Managers. and also third-party and fourth-party sub-consultants and subcontractor defendants.

Our Mission

To be the most respected, trustworthy and credible building and construction inspection company in Australia, our name synonymous with excellence.

Our Values

What happens when a Building Claim is lodged with the Tribunal?
We’re honest and direct. Integrity will always govern our professional relationships and we make every effort to do the right thing – even when no one is looking. It’s who we are.
We stand behind our reports and the services we provide. Building lifelong relationships with those who have entrusted our company with the care of their greatest asset is our ultimate accomplishment.
Excellence is the result of talented people giving their best. We give our best at all times, and we work to create an environment where others can do their best as well.
We’re passionate about the building and construction industry, and about providing clients with excellent independent advice. Our clients are our business, and we care for and value them.
We strive for continuous improvement and to be the best at what we do. We are restless, always learning, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then work hard to exceed them.

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