Contract Review
When a dispute arises, an initial investigation of the contract is undertaken to precisely identify each party’s rights and obligations as detailed in the suite of documents contained in or attached to the contract.

It is always wise to have the contract reviewed not only for a new dwelling or extension, but also for rectification works to single free standing homes and home units.

Australian Building & Construction Consultants are able to dissect the contract with regards to costs, inclusions, exclusion, material choices, finishes, time to construct, variations, quotations, progress payments and the construction drawings.

The old saying “The devil is in the detail” is quite appropriate during the construction/rectification process. It is usually in the finer details from which situations arise which give rise to disputes.

There are quite a few steps involved when thoroughly reviewing a contract and Australian Building & Construction Consultants will identify all the finer details in order to ensure the project is completed smoothly and with minimum risk of future dispute and subsequent litigation.

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